We Are Not Fags Anymore

We are not fags anymore, 2003, CSU Gallery Jeleni, Prague

This project was developed in cooperation with Evzen Simera in May 2003. We invited for the opening mostly heterosexual couples, but also singles [men, women]. Only women were allowed to enter the exhibition. The entrance was supervised by two bodyguards, who were making sure that no man would enter the exhibition room. Inside the room we tried to evoke the most pleasant atmosphere. We installed divans, candles, dim light, played soft music and offered chilled champagne and flowers to each woman. O. Brody and E. Simera were inside the room trying to be the best company and taking care of the women. The men [because they weren’t allowed to enter] were gathered in front of the gallery and its garden. Some of them were irritated; some of them were trying to impeach our action. The men that came with a date, soon started to demand their girlfriends back. The final product of our action was a society divided into 2 parts, where as any of them was able to have an objective view on our project.