Art Forum

Art forum, 2004, Art Forum Berlin

<<FORWARD !>> GALLERY – from Russia, Moscow – proudly presents: Ondrej Brody (Ecuador + Czech Republic), Horst Ehbauer (Deutschland, Berlin), Ilia Kitup (Lithuania), Kristofer Paetau (Suomi-Finland) and Avdei Ter-Oganian (Russian political refugee):

The russian <<FORWARD!>> GALLERY from Moscow was represented for the first time at the ART FORUM Berlin 2004 Contemporary Art Fair with a well situated (free) booth of 20 sq. meters!

Avdei Ter-Oganians works attracted big girls as well as small girls!

Ilia Kitup was busy giving interviews and making business contacts all the time!

Horst Ehbauer came with his assistant and they had a great time performing together! Horst is a well known Face-Performer from Berlin!

Kristofer Paetaus work of re-drawed childrens re-drawings of Picassos portrait of Igor Stravinsky attracted a lot of attention at the fair!

Serious looks, smooth communication and professional small talk at the <<FORWARD!>> GALLERY booth with Ilia Kitups abstract-socialist paintings and Ondrej Brodys copies of childrens paintings.

Ondrej Brody finally made some serious business with this well known collector …

… who bought Brodys „Snowman“ childrens painting for 500 euros cash!

Kristofer Paetau tried his best to also sell some of his childrens Picasso drawings to the same collector, but unfortunately this collector said that he was only interested in Picassos erotic drawings… The guy in red seemed pretty interested though.

Of course the responsibles for the ART FORUM didn‘t like our small business outside the fair and sent some security guards to stop the exhibition immediatly!

Unfortunately <<FORWARD!>> GALLERY had to leave the grounds of the ART FORUM immediately under threats of confiscation of all artworks and of a lawsuit from the Trade Fair Organization. Horst Ehbauer didn‘t care about the authorities though and went on with his body-art performance as planned!

This was Horst Ehbauers answer to somebody of the public who asked him what he thought of art fairs…
Photo credits:
Ondrej Brody
Roman Minaev
Kristofer Paetau
Alexandr Tokariev