Collaborative Failure

Collaborative Failure, 2005, Deutsche Kunstlerbund, Berlin

Project realized within the Kietz Avantgarde Kunstschule show; I presented the following text as an arbitrary artwork along with a video documenting the conflict.

Collaborative Failure

We (Ondrej Brody, Kristofer Paetau, Avdey Ter-Oganian) were supposed to make a collaboration. It didn’t work out.
Kristofer got the space and invited Avdey and me to participate. Kristofer proposed that we could do a project based on another project that Avdey realized in Moscow in the 90´s. The idea was to make a School of contemporary art for children. I agreed even though I was in the hospital not knowing if I will be able to cooperate or not….Avdey agreed as well. That was 3 month ago. The email communication didn´t work out and the first meeting to start working on the project took place a week before the opening.
Kristofer and Avdey had a conflict, confronting their different views on art. I was in the middle…..Avdey decided to quit the show and I decided to stick with Kristofer. Even though I can´t fully identify with his ideas but we are friends……..I am an opportunist.

Ondrej Brody, Berlin, July 22, 2005


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