A.K.A, 2004, Berlin

A.K.A. (also known as) was a groupshow that aimed to experiment and play with the displacement of authorship and the question of (mis-) interpretation. The rules of the show were the following: Each artist makes a description of at least one work (s)he wants to realize for this show. The description of the project can be as loose or as precise as (s)he wants. Then we make a tombola out of the ideas and each artist realizes the idea (s)he pics up. The tombola serves as a starting point to produce new work for its owners.

I received the following idea from Avdey Ter-Oganian:


This is a remake of a performance, executed by the artist in 1992 in Tryokhprudny Gallery, Moscow. The artist gave up drinking 6 years ago that’s why he can’t do this performance any more and thus he would be glad to delegate this right to another artist. What is to be done:

1. The artist should come to the a.k.a opening at 19:00 being already drunk.
2. He should bring a good suply of alcohol (preferably vodka) so as to be drinking heavily during the whole opening time
3. While drinking he should behave merrily, talking to people, joking with girls, dancing and singing.
4. By the closure time (22:00) the artist should get SO drunk that he falls asleep on the floor of the gallery.
5. Avdey will provide all the drinks and will transport the drunken artist home by taxi and put him to bed.

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