Pas Press

Pas Press, 2002, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

The group PAS, between the 2nd and the 4th of may 2002, produced and printed a newspaper in Palais de Tokyo. Editors of PAS, Ondrej Brody, Jiri Skala and Evzen Simera, prepared the newspaper directly in the public space, from which they obtained requiered information. More precisely, making interviews with the visitors and employees of Palais de Tokyo. They used a printing mashine (cycle-mashine Astra ES 8) capable of printing A4 formats. Each copy was re-printed/produced up to 100 times. After finishing an issue, all copies were offered for sale. Meanwhile, the PAS editors started to prepare a new issue. The editors printed out about as much as they were capable to prepare during the whole day (with an average of 3 issues per day).