Preproduction, since 2004 project in progress

Soldiner str. 103, Berlin – Wedding

Preproduction is a project based in the area of Wedding, Berlin. It serves as an operational base to artists coming mostly from abroad to Berlin. It provides space for different activities, which are related to the following points:
1. Preproduction Concept
2. Prague-Berlin connection
(1)The traditional notion of the action of presentation in artistic context has already been challenged in the past. We believe that social interaction – relationships in private and public domains determine the nature of our research. The amount of something produced is subordinated to the type of conceptual direction. A film record, or play, viewed in terms of its making or staging. Preproduction therefore, rather prepares or stages situations than produces in the conventional sense. Presentation serves as an excuse to establish new contacts for future projects or stimulates new alternatives.
(2) Organizers of the project have strong ties within Prague and Berlin scenes. We find this situation important in terms of providing a mutual platform for conducting future initiatives. Berlin as city offers many opportunities not found in Prague and may serve as a stimulating source. Also, viewed the other way, Prague has more to offer. We know that the physical location of this space in Berlin will provide an access to an official or non-official network in both locations. Important here is the physical presence of the invited project partners.