Noise pictures

Noise Pictures, 2005, Prague (2.5 minutes excerpt)

Noise pictures is a porn movie and an experiment of being a porn producer. I hired professional porn actors R+A and additionally an improvisation music group called Noise Pictures to play live during the shooting. The music group was supposed to react upon the actors, on their rhythm, movements and situations within the shooting. I explained the musicians that I wanted music close to a real porn music, preferably very banal JAZZ rhythm.
During the shooting I tried to be a very tough director, ordering the actors about which positions they should perform. I wanted to make the actors change the positions very quickly underlying the absurd moment of manipulation. This wasn’t easy, since I was in fact also playing within the movie the role of the director and cameraman at the same time. The movie was shot with two cameras and it contains no editing cuts in between shots.

Ondrej Brody

thanks to the sponsors:
 Jan Brody Jr., Hana Brodyova, Jan Brody, AVU, Marek Meduna, Jiri Zajic