Lesson, 2003, CO14 Gallery, Prague

A project realized in collaboration with Evzen Simera.

This project was realized at CO14 gallery (Project space of the Rafani group). All projects in this gallery are conceived as a one day shows. The project consisted on an open offer of English lessons for the community. Our concept was based on the honest aspiration of giving a reputable value. We cooperated with a native teacher of English, who was giving classes to the people that came to the opening [meeting their needs and questions]. On the other side, the project also contained a point of irritation oriented on wider artistic society [but mostly students of Academy of Fine Arts-Prague, who are unfortunately generally weak in foreign languages]. With regard to the location of CO14 gallery, which lies in social-problematical part of Prague, appeared a new unexpected aspect. Except from the artistic community, local habitants [mostly gypsies] also joined the lesson. It is interesting to point out that this group within the Czech society belongs to the one with most cases of emigration towards English speaking countries.