Intermedial And Conceptual ..

Conceptual and Intermedial Work, 2005, Galerie AVU, Prague

(with Jiri Skala, Viktor Frešo, Evžen Simera and Marek Ther)

The project was conceived as a way of bringing together two art schools in Prague (the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) and the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design (VŠUP). The project also served as a bridge for people of similar artistic views, work, as well as an artistic reflection on the complex relations within the Prague art scene. The exhibition was held at the AVU gallery, which until recently also served as a studio. This inspired us to transform the gallery space during the time of the exhibition for studio purposes. This specifically pertained to the Conceptual and Inter-media Work Studio from VŠUP. We chose the Conceptual and Inter-media Work studio because it is the VŠUP studio that is closest to us in content-wise and because we were taken an interest in the negative relations between the studio heads and AVU. All materials occupying this studio (painting easels, paints, paintings, furniture, etc.) were relocated to the AVU gallery during the opening of the exhibition. The studio served the same purpose as before this relocation. This means that every Tuesday and Wednesday, studio meetings were taking place in the gallery and the students used the entire space for their artistic purposes.