Marketa Vankova

Marketa Vankova, 2005, NoD Gallery, Prague

Marketa Vankova was a group show exhibition (Ondrej Brody, Viktor Freso, Evzen Simera, Jiri Skala, Marek Ther) dealing with the topic of action painting. The point of departure was the Nuselsky bridge, known in Prague as a place where people commit suicide.
The show was called Marketa Vankova because of the following reason. After we decided to focus on the possibilities of painting strategies from the bridge, we found out that Marketa Vankova, who is also an artist, tried to explore similar painting possibilities and on the same spot as we were planning. She realized this project at the beginning of the 90’s. Therefore the exhibition was conceived as a kind of remake of M. Vankova’s project-action.
My contribution resulted in an installation which combined two elements. A painting realized throwing paint from the bridge, trying to hit the canvas from a 60 m. distance and a video projected on the same canvas in the exhibition space. The video was filmed by throwing a recording camera, also trying to hit the canvas from 60 m. altitude, simulating the time of the paint in the air until its landing on the canvas.

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