A.K.A (also known as) 2004, Berliner Kunstprojekt


Jesper Alvaer
Ondrej Brody
Illya Chichkan
Ilia Kitup
Matthias Mayer aka Mo Magic
Kristofer Paetau
Lars Ramberg
Richard Schütz
Avdey Ter-Oganyan
Sergej Voronzov

Opening-Karaoke by:

Sunny Im & Patrick Jambon

Curated by:
Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau

A.K.A. (also known as) is a groupshow that aims to experiment and play with the displacement of authorship and the question of (mis-) interpretation. The rules of the show are the following: Each artist makes a description of at least one work (s)he wants to realize for this show (there is no production budget). The description of the project can be as loose or as precise as (s)he wants. Then we make a tombola out of the ideas and each artist realizes the idea (s)he pics up. The tombola serves as a starting point to produce new work for its owners. The tombola took place on Wednesday 21 st. of april at Freienwalder Str. 32. After the tombola, some artists exchanged ideas between each other in order to create a more comfortable working situation. This reflected the fact of selecting only ideas that are somehow good enough regarding one’s own work. The project aims to become a challenging test, disturbing common working methods and the artist‘s Ego in favour of collaborative creative processes, including the possibility of cheating and misunderstanding. The result of the show is therefore uncertain, and this diagram aims to map the movement of the original idea towards its final destination person. (Quotation from the AKA diagram) To download the original printable diagram (A0 poster, 160 KB), please go to this webpage:


Pictures From The Opening

Ilia Kitup’s idea – realized by Jesper Alvaer


This is Part 2 of the exhibition shown in Berliner Kunstprojekt in 2003. The artist presented works by 13 comic artist, 10 of which never existed and were hidden behind fake names. He did all the drawings himself. Now he delegates the right to draw to another artist. What is to be done:

10 drawings (some 6 topics or more may be selected).

1. A kneeled man in suit with a tie is moving/playing with a toy car.
Text below: TO AND FRO

2. A man in a suit with a tie, smiling.
Text below: OUR ZORRO.

3. A futuristic car is rushing forward.
Text below: TO THE FUTURE!

4. A middle-aged woman (a farm-worker) with a headscarf on her head is surrounded by smiling pigs. The pigs give her a car for good work at the farm.
Text below: THANK YOU, MA’M!

5. An old shabby and crooked factory with smoking chimneys.

6. A wery tall, 16-store house is marching.
Text below: ONE, TWO, THREE – RUB A DUB!

7. A wery long, 3-store house is walking on 4 legs.
Text below: KEEP ON WALKING!

8. A fat robot with a tape-recorder on his shoulders is winking to a pretty girl who is smiling on
Text below: LET’S DANCE, CHIC!

9. A wery tall thin robot is waving a huge hammer.
Text below: HIT IT ALL, MAN!

10. An artist wearing a beret is standing by his easel, armed with brushes and pencils, ready
to work.

The drawings should be enlarged up to A3 format (coloured paper) on a copying-machine. The artist should choose a point/detail on every drawing and zoom i.e. enlarge them TWICE on A3 formats.

Jesper Alvaer asked different artists from Prague to realize the task given by Ilia Kitup: From left up: 1) Vladimir Skrepl 2) Jan Turner 3) Josef Bolf 4) Kakalik 5) Tomas Vanek 6) Radek Macke 7) Petr Pisarik 8) Ondrej Chrobak 9) Ivan Mecl 10) Isabela Grosseova The selection of A3 size zoomed details was realized by Christoph from the copyshop, around the corner.

Avdey Ter-Oganian’s idea – realized by Ondrej Brody


This is a remake of a performance, executed by the artist in 1992 in Tryokhprudny Gallery, Moscow. The artist gave up drinking 6 years ago that’s why he can’t do this performance any more and thus he would be glad to delegate this right to another artist. What is to be done:

1. The artist should come to the a.k.a opening at 19:00 being already drunk.
2. He should bring a good suply of alcohol (preferably vodka) so as to be drinking heavily during the whole opening time
3. While drinking he should behave merrily, talking to people, joking with girls, dancing and singing.
4. By the closure time (22:00) the artist should get SO drunk that he falls asleep on the floor of the gallery.
5. Avdey will provide all the drinks and will transport the drunken artist home by taxi and put him to bed.

Ondrej Brody fulfilled his task and was found inconscious in the bathroom of the gallery.

Richard Schütz’s idea – realized by Illya Chichkan

Subject: prima suggestive gash pollock caucasion skittle diffusion disambiguate lengthy interpolatory danbury riot apropos

BRERAST SUCLCESS euridyce chatty dollop amuse inception pneumatic picofarad debug culver riverside aphorism cub yorktown duquesne precinct girl branch canton lawgive rankle fluency cubbyhol archipelago stalin site black cuddle spearmint cellular mongolia ingest toolkit windshield multiply storyboard

Illya Chickan showed a series of photos taken in Chernobyl with 2 actors wearing antiradiation suits and staging a porn film.

Illya Chichkan’s idea – realized by Ilia Kitup

Pairat vidio

Ilya Kitup made a „pairat vidio“ and a series of photopied comic drawings with quotes from the porn.

Tere Recarens’s idea – realized by Matthias Mayer aka Mo Magic

Wie gehts?!

You should make a disguise for you like the Fernsehturm von Alexander Platz, and gehe to the Funkturm.
There you should take some diapo?! documents with tourist people and you in disguise. Minimum 22 fotos and after make a chois (?) as you like.

Mo Magic fullfilled his homework very consciously.

Ondrej Brody’s idea – realized by Kristofer Paetau

Just make a sexual statement. Everything is about sex anyway.

Kristofer Paetau asked his friend Tammo Sachs (on the picture) to provide him with appropriate drawings. He then redrawed them and framed them in golden frames. He failed to hang the last picture because of the poor quality of the walls.

Sergej Voronzov’s idea – realized by Lars Ramberg


Die Palette von diversen Begriffen und Bilder, die zum “SWEET HOME” passen, ist breit und grill, von dem amerikanischen Kitsch in Nachkriegszeiten bis zur Abstraktheit der Nostalgie, von der kindlichen Träumen bis zur Begierde des menschlichen Körpers.

SWEET HOME als Konglomerat der verschiedensten Vorstellungen.
Technik un Genre – Frei.

Lars Ramberg came up with an installation made from old table cloths of his assistant Frank Scholz‘s grandmother. The work functioned as a border within the exhibition.

Jesper Alvaer’s idea – realized by Richard Schütz

I will not take part in this show.

Richard Schütz originally purchased / exchanged his task from Mo Magic for a box of beers and (mis)interpreted his task by turning his participation into a dialectical statement.

Kristofer Paetau’s idea – realized by Avdey Ter-Oganyan

Pretend to be somebody else

Avdey Ter-Oganyan usually copies other artists. For the exhibition he decided to copy his own paintings from the 80‘s.

Lars Ramberg’s idea – realized by Sergej Voronzov

Steal a work fro the show and put the blame on somebody else.
Send out a pressrealease

Sergej Voronzov (on the picture) showed a great deal of consideration by stealing a part of his old friends Ilia Kitup‘s work, which remained without the stolen part during the whole show.

Mobile Karaoke by Sunny Im and Patrick Jambon

The mobile karaoke created a weird atmosphere at the opening. Since the music wasn‘t very loud, the singing voices dominated the space.